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About M Decor Furniture

M Decor Furniture, the premier Furniture Warehouse in Los Angeles, is where luxury meets French style. Since 2018, we’ve provided our customers with a wide selection of quality Royal French and Italian furniture.

All of our pieces are hand-carved and most have 24 karat gold leaf design. Many pieces have hand-crafted brass designs or marquetry work with inlaid wood as well. We build these luxury pieces in Egypt and ship them here for people who love this rich and luxurious style.

With our extensive inventory, we have something for every luxury taste. Our buyers love our friendly service and attention to detail. The result are options you just can’t find anywhere else. Come down to our conveniently located Furniture Warehouse to see our full selection of furniture.

We carry the following styles :

- Baroque

- Rococo

- Louis XV (15)

- Louis XVI (16)

- Louis XIV (14) "Sun King"

- Victorian Style


Types of Furniture we carry:
- Sofa Sets
- Dining Sets
- Desks
- Commodes
- Vitrines
- Chairs 
- Bed Frames
- Coffee Tables
- Chandeliers
- Mirrors

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