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3 Piece Blue French Rococo Set

3 Piece Blue French Rococo Set

This 3 piece set is part of our Luxury French Rococo Collection. These pieces are carved by hand. This set comes with 2 sofa chairs, and one Chaise. The 2 sofa chairs are white and come with the edges   tipped with 24K gold. The seats also have a spectacular French style design for added elegance. 


The Chaise is an accent chaise with an antique finish. This is perfect for living rooms and guest rooms. Showoff your style and elegance with this brand new reproduction. Tell your guests that you value traditions and history, but don't compromise on luxury.


3 Piece Set ($2,200) includes:
- Chaise ($1000)
- 2 Sofa Chairs ($600 each)


Check it out today, DM for warehouse address.

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