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Luxury French Rococo Style 4 Piece Sofa Set

Luxury French Rococo Style 4 Piece Sofa Set

This is for French Rococo lovers. This piece is takes you to the french country side and becomes the accent piece in a any room.


Check it out now. Message for showing. 


 **We do not accept check

We have more pieces.


These pieces are all hand-carved with gold leaf designs. Many pieces have hand-crafted brass designs or marquetry work with inlaid wood. We build these luxury pieces in Egypt and ship them here for people who love this rich and luxurious style. We have a warehouse in Los Angeles with tons of beautiful pieces.


We have the following styles:

- Baroque
- Rococo
- Louis XV (15)
- Louis XVI (16)
- Louis XIV (14) "Sun King"
- Victorian Style


Types of Furniture we carry:
- Sofa Sets
- Dinings Sets
- Desks
- Commodes
- Vitrines
- Chairs (Captain, arm, and armless)
- Bed Frames
- Coffee Tables
- Chandeliers
- Mirrors

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