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Our Transparent Policies

We want to make sure every visit to M Decor Furniture is an event to remember. That’s why we’ve developed a clear store policy outlining everything you need to know about how we operate. Please read on to find out how we provide the best customer experience for our loyal shoppers. If you have any more questions, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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Shipping and Delivery


We strive to get every furniture piece to your home in as pristine condition as possible. As result, we take several steps to protect the furniture on the delivery or before you pick up. These steps may include wrapping the furniture in padding or blankets, we utilize the latest in shipping package protection technology. 

There are several options of getting your furniture to your house. See the following below:

1) We deliver it personally with one or two helpers ( prices vary) and set up the furniture for you where you want it.

2) We hire a delivery company and they deliver it to you. ( set up will need to be explicitly stated as the companies may charge extra for white glove set up.)

3) We ship it on a pallet using a pallet delivery company. You will get the furniture delivered in front of your house. This option is usually great for long-distance but does not include set up in home.

If the furniture is delivered by a third party and in the off chance the furniture arrives damaged for whatever reason, the customer will have to take it up with the delivery company and their insurance. We understand and are aware that things like this occasionally happen. We are always ready to help in whatever way we can. These delivery companies come with insurance and are prepared for issues like this. 

Returns and Refunds



Because this furniture is very intricate, we are unable to accept returns. It takes almost 45 days to carve these pieces of furniture. As a result, we recommend an attention to detail type of care for these sets. 


The only scenario where we are able to apply a refund is if we are unable to fulfill your order. This only happens when a set or fabric is no longer made. We will keep you updated and find a similar set for you if you choose.

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